8 Ways To Boost Email Open Rates

Once you get past the challenge of getting your emails delivered

You need to get them opened.

Here are 8 proven ways to increase open rates with your subject lines ( There are many more )

  1. Use specific numbers. Instead of having a subject line like… How I made 140,000 last year
    Try: How I made $142,473.62
  2. Use question marks. It peaks curiosity, people like to think they know the answer and sometimes they want to know the answer. Here’s one: The End of Internet Marketing?
  3. Use percentages. This diet worked with 87% of test subjects
  4. Use Video: [new video] reveals #1 secret to burning belly fat
  5. Use free report [FREE REPORT] Slash 20 strokes of your next round
  6. Use RE in front of subject line: RE: Chinas Secret For Acne
  7. Personalize: You, Your
  8. Scarcity: FINAL NOTICE

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